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Film Unit Car Service Experience luxury and convenience with our film unit chauffeur services

Film Unit Chauffeur Services

For the TV and film industries, Chauffeured Services is able to provide customised chauffeur services. Throughout the filming, the production team will have access to our team of seasoned, well-trained, and devoted chauffeurs for assistance with any cast, crew, or celebrity needs.

For film unit cars, we provide a wide selection of luxurious cars. In order to ensure that the vehicle operations go without a hitch, our transport point of contact will collaborate closely with the assistant directors. No matter how big or small the production, you can count on our staff to provide the finest standards in chauffeur-driven transport because we have actual experience working on productions that require many set locations.

Enjoy the Finest Event Chauffeur Service In London Has To Offer

The luxurious event chauffeur service in London provides private car hiring that you can use for different events. You can attend Chelsea flower show using our private car hire or attend the London Fashion Week with our best event transport service. What would be better than our Luxury sports event chauffeur at Chauffeured Services?

Luxury chauffeuring

The Luxurious Event Chauffeur Service in London has a range of luxury cars which can carry any amount of passengers. The service provided is punctual and we make sure that you reach your destination stress free and comfortably. We have a luxury fleet basically including range rover, Royce phantom, Mercedes Viano and Mercedes S class. All these are prestige cars and are chauffeur driven.

If you have an event to attend, hire our chauffeur service. Call our team, discuss your requirements and book us to make your journey comfortable.

What we provide with our film unit services

Our highly skilled and dependable chauffeurs can help you move around the set and our vehicles can be used between locations if the company needs them for the filming. If the need arises, we can also provide close protection to assist with your film unit car service.

No matter how long or difficult the days are that filming brings, you can be confident that our chauffeurs will be there to offer a high-quality, individualised service.

⦁ Professional chauffeur, fresh bottled water, and a single point of contact for transportation on location
⦁ Totally free WiFi
⦁ Service of “Meet & Greet”
⦁ Assistance to passengers

Close Protection with your film unit service

When it comes to transporting valuable film equipment or high-profile individuals, safety and security are paramount. That’s where our film unit car service with close protection comes in.


Our team of experienced drivers and security personnel work together to ensure that every aspect of your transportation needs is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you’re transporting sensitive film equipment or providing safe transportation for important film industry figures, our close protection service provides an added layer of security and peace of mind.


We understand that every film production is unique, which is why we offer personalized services tailored to your specific needs. Our close protection specialists are trained to identify and mitigate potential security risks, allowing you to focus on the creative process without worrying about logistics.


With our film unit car service with close protection, you can trust that your transportation needs are in the hands of professionals who prioritize safety and security above all else. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help make your next film production a success.

Our Fleets

royce rolls

Rolls Royce Phantom Series 1

Experience luxury and prestige with the iconic vehicle

rolls royce

Rolls Royce Phantom 2

Unmatched elegance and performance in motion

Mercedes Sprinter

Efficient and versatile - the ultimate workhorse


Mercedes S Class

Impeccable craftsmanship meets unparalleled innovation

Mercedes V Class

First-class travel with the versatility and spaciousness.

Mercedes E Class

Experience the perfect balance of luxury and performance

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What is a film unit car service?

A film unit car service provides transportation for film productions, typically involving the safe transportation of valuable film equipment and personnel to and from filming locations.

What services are included in a film unit car service?

A film unit car service may include chauffeured vehicles, close protection security services, and equipment transportation services.

What type of vehicles are available for a film unit car service?

A film unit car service may offer a range of vehicles, including luxury cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. The type of vehicle required will depend on the specific needs of the film production.

Can a film unit car service transport equipment?

Yes, many film unit car services offer equipment transportation services to ensure that valuable film equipment is safely transported to and from filming locations.

What is close protection security?

Close protection security involves providing security for high-profile individuals or valuable assets. In the context of a film unit car service, close protection security may involve trained security personnel who provide additional security measures to ensure the safety of film equipment and personnel.

How can I book a film unit car service?

You can typically book a film unit car service online or by contacting the service provider directly. Be sure to provide details about your specific transportation needs, including the number of passengers and equipment to be transported, as well as any security requirements.

Is a film unit car service expensive?

The cost of a film unit car service will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of vehicles and services required, as well as the duration of the production. However, many film unit car services offer competitive pricing to ensure that productions can stay within budget while still receiving high-quality transportation and security services.

How will I see all the details regarding my booking?

You will get a username and password to go through all the necessary details.