Transport in London is intricate and complicated.
With many forms of transport available, why pick public transport? I am here to list five reasons you may want to reconsider your decision to travel by tube tonight.

Transport in London is not fast enough to get you home in time.
For an important meeting or social engagement that requires your attendance. Transport in London may only take you 40 minutes, but that means nothing if it means getting home just five minutes too late and, like this, missing that appointment you’ve been waiting for.

Transport in London may not be the most reliable form of transport.
Transport in London is sometimes unreliable, no matter which borough you’re traveling to. If you don’t want to arrive at your destination, not knowing if it will come or not, then other forms of transport will take you home faster. Transport in London may not be your safest option.

Transport in London may take you through places you do not want to go.
Transport in London may sometimes take you through areas too dangerous for pedestrians or drivers, meaning that even if you miss the bus, there’s still a chance it will come back around later. Transport in London, therefore, is not discrete and does not take you around the dangerous parts of London.

Transport in London is overcrowded.
Transport in London can often be overcrowded, meaning you have to stand or sit on the bus for longer than you thought. Transportation in London will take you down too narrow roads, which means more congestion and less room to move. Transport in London will get you to your destination way too slowly. Transportation in London will not get you home from work on time if it is delayed by traffic, which means you have to wait for the next one. Transport in London has a very negative effect on the environment and is filled with pollution, making Transport in London a public nuisance.

Transport in London is costly.
Transport in London costs £4 per journey (if you’re lucky), but other forms of transport are less than half the price to take you home. Transport in London may also take an extended amount of time to get you where you want to go, meaning you pay more for what could be considered a slower method of travel. Transport in London is an excellent form of transport, but other forms could get you home in time for a social engagement. Transport in London will always take you where you need to go when it comes to moving from A to B, but maybe consider walking when the weather’s good and choose another mode of transport if your journey is not urgent.

Transport in London is not the cheapest form of transport, but there are more affordable modes of transport that will take you home without traffic. Transport in London may be expensive, just like any other form of public transport in London around Britain. Transport in London is not always the most reliable way to get home when you’re running late for an engagement or job interview. Transport in London is not always the quickest way to get home, but the tube will always take you somewhere nearby. Transport in London may be a good form of transport, but maybe consider going with another mode if it’s getting late and your journey is not urgent. Transport in London is an excellent means of transport for those who want their evening commute to be quick and efficient.

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